About us



” Danesh Bonyan FaraPouyan Isatis Yazd,”was established in the year 1389 (2010-2011) in Yazd, Iran, by a group of experts in the fields of materials engineering, ceramics, and mining, aimed at knowledge development, job creation, and value-added generation.

Guided by this mission and leveraging the expertise of its team, Danesh Bonyan FaraPouyan Isatis Yazd Company focuses on indigenizing technical knowledge in the production of ceramic materials. Its primary emphasis lies in optimizing quality and minimizing the cost of raw materials. Through these efforts, the company endeavors to elevate the technological level of advanced ceramic material production, contributing to increased efficiency in the tile, ceramic, and related industries.

Since the year 1391 (2012-2013), FaraPouyan Isatis Company has proudly served the industry as a certified knowledge-based enterprise, acknowledged by the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology of the Presidential Office. This company also has a technology license in the specialized field of “Technical knowledge for the production of advanced materials and parts” from Science and Technology Park.

Currently, increasing production, improving quality and developing domestic and international markets are at the top of the company’s strategic plans.


Danesh Bonyan FaraPouyan Isatis Yazd companys’ achievements after 12 years of continuous activity:

  • Industrial production of advanced materials as alternatives to zircon in the ceramics industry
  • Industrial production of advanced materials as alternatives to zinc oxide in the ceramic industry
  • Industrial production of strontium silicate in different grades
  • Industrial production of strontium carbonate in two nano and micro sizes
  • Compilation of technical knowledge of making samarium-cobalt magnets
  • Semi-industrial production of depa (D2EHPA) for Deposition and Precipitation? for purification and processing of Nickel, Cobalt, Cadmium, Rhenium and Molybdenum
  • Utilization of electric arc furnace dust of steel factories in various industries in order to develop the recycling industry and create added value.
  • Production of special refractory bricks
  • Production of cement paints using nano materials
  • Registration of several patents and scientific articles from the conducted researches

It is our honor to provide services to the domestic industry as a knowledge-based company, continually striving to innovate and advance within our specialized field.


1- Product Diversity (Variety of products)

In addition to the mentioned products, our flexible process allows customized products to meet different customer requests.

2- Quality

Quality and stability of the quality of our products is our most important distinguishing feature.

3- Reasonable price

Achieving the lowest price under the condition of guaranteeing quality is our utmost effort.

4- Swift Delivery

Due to the importance of delivery time, we prioritize minimizing delivery times for our customers.

5- post-Sales Services

Should there be a need for formulation and consultation regarding the utilization of our products, our company’s experts are ready to provide assistance both online and in-person to our valued customers.

6- Knowledge oriented production

This manufacturing unit operates on a continuous knowledge-based production chain aligned with contemporary global knowledge. For this purpose, we benefit from top consultants in both academic and industrial domains.

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